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Hosting and Maintenance?

- Ongoing Development of New Features and Additions
- Server Maintenance
- SEO Optimization
- Uptime Monitoring and Performance Optimization
- Keeping Your Site Secure
- Regular Backups

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Whats Included

Regular Backups
If something goes wrong, you could easily be looking at your website being down while you hire someone to rebuild it from scratch without a backup solution in place. And that downtime could lead to a loss of revenue.

Keeping Your Site Secure
Just as it’s important to backup your website, you need to regularly scan it for malware and possible intrusion attempts. If someone gains access to your site, you could wake up to find yourself unable to login to the backend or with unsavory ads all over your homepage–or something worse entirely.

Uptime Monitoring and Performance Optimization
Once your website is up, we want to make sure it stays up and loads fast. According to research: “An increase in site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your conversion rate by 74%”. 

SEO Optimization
SEO optimization will not only ensure your content is of high quality but will make sure your site’s internal structure is easier for search engines to crawl and rank.

Server Maintenance
Maintaining a caching plugin, monitoring the server, and performing regular security scans are just some of the tasks involved with server maintenance.

Ongoing Development of New Features and Additions
Just as your business evolves so should your website. We do this by listening to your feedback. We can gain a lot of insight and implement solutions and new features that will continually help deliver an exceptional user experience.

More Services


Why do I need a brand guide book?

We provide the guide book that provides guides on how to use the logo and brand identity. We provide the logo in color AND in all-black and all-white so it can be used in various mediums. We provide social media uses, minimum sizes, do’s and don’ts and even some mockups.

Why should I buy from you? You're very expansive!

True, we are not cheap… But this is a result of hard working, years of experience, and countless happy customers. Our greatest contribution to the design is that we don’t simply “design”: we offer a creative process resulting with an exceptional outcome.

What's included in the Social Media Kit extra?

We use the designed branding to design the header and profile image for 2 social medias of your choosing.

What other complementary services can I buy?

As professional designers, who have worked in the industry for almost a decade, we have a wide range of design capabilities. We offer print design, digital, marketing, presentations etc.

What's included in the Stationery Designs extra?

We use the design of the brand to design the following: Business card, stationery in Print-ready PDF AND Word, envelope, email signature (design only)

Have A Question?

Upon contacting us, we shall send you a document detailing our methodology and process for our Standard Package, which is the most popular that is bought by our clients.